A modular platform enabling communities to self-organize, build and access distributed apps

Beams: infusing your feed

with web3 magic

Beams redefine social posting, bringing the sparkle of web3 to your social space.

Ignite your feed with rich posts that go beyond text and let you engage with a universe of distributed apps and integrations.

Blocks allow to combine multiple integrations into your post.

Web3 social reimagined

Go beyond traditional social media:

⚡️ Beam your NFT portfolio: Promote your latest NFT creation in a beam, allowing followers to comment and even place bids without ever leaving their feed.

⚡️ Beam a governance vote: Make decisions in real time by announcing a proposal in your DAO and collecting votes directly within the post.

⚡️ Beam a fundraiser: Launch a crowdfunding campaign within your post. Supporters can pledge directly, and see real-time updates on the fundraising progress.

Beams invite you to create your own integrations and expand the boundaries of social interaction. The sky's the limit.


Connect on your terms

AKASHA World honors your right to a universal digital identity.

Bring your own identity or create a portable profile that will travel with you across the web3 ecosystem.

The power is in your hands

At AKASHA World, every member has a say.

Our DAWA gives you the platform to propose, debate, and implement the changes you believe in— from setting moderation policies to integrating exciting new features.

DAWA stands for Decentralized Autonomous World Association, and is a Swiss legal entity for the community to safely govern and manage AKASHA World.


Building a better Web.

One World at a time.