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Personal agency and collective intelligence are defined by identity, information, and relationships. Identity and relationships (social networks) though have considerable barriers to entry. Our focus is therefore first on information and (inter)personal data.

The Hyperdata project

We aim to develop a storage agnostic relationship data model and schema for linking data blocks across different domains and platforms. This means that a piece of data hosted on the Web could link to another one hosted on IPFS, which in turn could potentially link to a data block hosted even on the local file system.

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The AKASHA interpersonal data project

Identity is information. Relationships is information. Reputation is information. Exchange is information. Organizing is information. Life is information. Consequently our focus should be humans rather than mere ‘data subjects’ as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) currently defines them. Our project focuses on interpersonal data because it turns out that nearly all data relates to two or more parties. As we co-engineer sufficient complexity in the flow of interpersonal data, we seek to develop the conditions for collective intelligence to emerge.

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