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Oftentimes, when needing to describe things accurately, it's best to go to the source. Here are some standard descriptions and key dates that you can use to talk to your audience about AKASHA the way we talk about ourselves.

AKASHA Foundation

The AKASHA Foundation is a non-profit born at the intersection of blockchain and collective intelligence. The AKASHA Team nurtures projects helping individuals to unlock their potential through open systems that expand our collective minds at local, regional and global scales.

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The Advanced Knowledge Architecture for Social Human Advocacy (AKASHA) beta is a decentralized, alternative social media network, currently accessible at beta.akasha.world using Metamask. AKASHA is built using the Ethereum blockchain and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Because of the way it has been built, AKASHA has no servers, meaning that people can share information without depending upon a centralized entity. All communication on AKASHA is done peer-to-peer.


Mihai Alisie

Founder of The AKASHA Foundation, and one of the early pioneers in the blockchain space. Mihai created Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 together with Vitalik Buterin, later joining him as one of the original four Ethereum Founders in late 2013.

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Our Hubs

AKAHSA is a non-profit based in Switzerland but we also have two hubs. One of them located in Barcelona and another one in Dublin, whitch is our newest space.

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