Dev Team Update #1

Dev Team Update #1

By Marius Darila


September 23, 2019

With 2 Weeks Until Devcon 5 in Osaka, we put a series of questions to Dev Team member, Marius Darila, about a part of what the Team are currently working on.

  • The most interesting feature, to me, of what I/we are working on is...

Designing the architecture for the AKASHA-SDK javascript library.

  • We are adding/developing this because...

We needed a simple and flexible library to satisfy the requirements for the upcoming AKASHA application (AKA Reloaded)

  • This will empower people to...

It will enable developers to add their own modules (integrations) or reuse the existing ones from the SDK library.

  • This is unique/different because...

It's different from our previous approaches. In the past we have focused on delivering features fast, but we’re now building something more modular, flexible, and reusable, which requires different thinking to our previous experiments.

  • This is similar to...

In terms of content it's similar to many existing libraries from the Ethereum ecosystem because it contains popular libraries (ethers, IPFS, WalletConnect, etc). The difference is at architectural level, how the modules/dependencies are loaded and extended.

  • This involved overcoming these particular challenges...

    1. how to load the lib dependencies without having to specify explicit imports
    2. build a common interface for the AKASHA modules
  • What to expect next...

This is the first iteration of the idea behind the AKASHA-SDK architecture. After we finish the first release of the Reloaded version we might change a lot of things.

  • How do you plan to measure success?

Have at least 25 modules loaded inside the SDK without any complexity drawback (CPU mainly)

  • Any other comments

This is just 1/3 of what we're currently working on, the other 2 being the design-system and plugin/widget UI libraries.

What are they building? Find out more when we present at Devcon 5; the content of this presentation will be made available to those who haven't made the trip to Osaka. If you'd like to make sure you're in the first group of people to receive this announcement, please sign up for Early Access to!

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