The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

By Mihai Alisie


February 02, 2017

The last couple of weeks have been (very) intense and filled with excitement. After an amazing alpha public release we have been busy applying the lessons learned, fixing bugs and implementing new features. Many thanks, again, to everyone for the warm welcome and kind words following the first alpha versions!

Today, as a token of appreciation, we bring to you The Tipping Point - the latest AKASHA release.

The Tipping Point (0.4.0) includes numerous bug fixes and improvements while also introducing new features such as:


Tipping Tipping Tipping Tipping Tipping

Entry editing & versioning

Entries Entries Entries Entries

Latest entries across the network, regardless of tags


Comment threading & replies


New comments notification while navigating discussion


Silence notifications from a specific user

Silence Silence

Whisper Chatrooms

whisper reddit whisper IRC whisper IRC whisper IRC whisper IRC

Profile hover card for easy access to Follow & Send Tip

hover card hover card hover card

  • Gas abstraction for most interactions (WIP)

Those who have tried AKASHA before will notice an overall improvement compared the first release(s).

The streamlined UX and various optimizations make The Tipping Point feel like a solid step forward. Gas abstraction is something we'll have to work on a bit more, but you can already feel the difference :)

But enough said, it's even better to experience it yourself:

Instructions For Windows Pioneers:

  • Download the .exe installer or the .zip archive from our official alpha GitHub repo
  • Run the installer or extract the files contained in the .zip file
  • Open the AKASHA dapp and synchronize with the network
  • Create an AKASHA identity (profile)
  • Log in and enjoy AKASHA

Instructions For Mac Pioneers:

Instructions For Linux Pioneers:

As a word of caution, since it is an alpha, this dapp comes with all the instability associated with early experiments - just as the first flight attempts were not necessarily safe or comfortable.

Failures, glitches and random errors should be expected. In case you stumble upon something that doesn't work as it should, please open an issue and we'll look into it as soon as possible.

Remember that we're just getting started - things should get better with each release.

What lies beyond The Tipping Point?


Let's find out together!

*Note that the downloading links have been updated with the latest 0.5.2 release, Continued Mendings (March 10th 2017)

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