The AKASHA Foundation

A non-profit born at the intersection of blockchain and collective intelligence .

We believe that humans are not problems waiting to be solved, but potential waiting to unfold.

This is why we nurture projects helping individuals amplify their potential through open systems that expand our collective minds at local, regional and global scales. If this fires your synapses, we unpack it below and describe the behaviours we’ve adopted for the journey.

As a word, AKASHA ( [aːkaːʃə], आकाश) has roots in Sanskrit and means “ether” in both its elemental and metaphysical senses. The ancient Sanskrit-speaking civilization envisaged akasha as a metaphysical information network connecting humanity with itself and infinite knowledge .

Our values

The principles guiding our behaviour

Purposeful action

We take time to reflect on the nature and reaches of our actions. We ask what’s right? Strive to do the right things. And do these things right.

Playful creativity

We infuse everything we do with playfulness, imagination and innovation. We explore constantly, bringing new ideas to light and new projects to life.

Continuous learning

We are on a journey of discovery and knowledge building. We grow together and find joy in the fact that there’s always something new to learn.


We are all part of something greater than ourselves. Our journey is experienced together in accompaniment, synergy and co-operation.


We are open to co-operation and collaboration with people, projects and organizations sharing our values. Everyone’s uniqueness adds to the whole.


Our purpose demands understanding, and understanding requires a diverse mix of people, disciplines and perspectives. We’re all playing on ‘Team Human’.


We are grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants and strive to acknowledge everyone’s contributions through everything we do. Thank you!


We act with integrity as individuals and live by our values as a community. We will never compromise our values, even if this impacts our revenues.

Small team, big impact

Mihai Alisie

Curious mind. Bitcoin Magazine creator & Ethereum co-founder. AKASHA founder. Futurescaping a Web of Mind. Winging it one day at a time.

Roxana Sureanu

Traveler. Helping to spread light in this digital world. Making sure the administrative engines of the AKASHA spaceship run smooth. Namaste!

Marius Darila

Lurker, passionate about software development and gaming. Focused on building the AKASHA software ecosystem.

Lorenzo Patuzzo

Hyperactive creative mind. Pragmatic dreamer. Facilitating cross-disciplinary social proactiveness at local scale. Learning along the way.

Sever Abibula

Restless in exploring new technologies, always ready to embrace software challenges. Busy with front-end development at AKASHA.

Vali Cotea

A supporter of free speech and open access to information. Part of the AKASHA development team.

Mariana Gomes

Focused on creating user-centred experiences and design processes. Contributing to the AKASHA design team.

Ânderson Quadros

An enthusiast of open collaboration and governance models. At AKASHA, looks after the day to day operation.

Martin Etzrodt

Tirelessly exploring the emerging tech for meaningful and progressive use for individuals and society. Part of the AKASHA research team.

David Gilmore

Lawyer at AKASHA, focusing on smart contracts, distributed networks and governance from a legal, technological & sociological perspective.

Josemaria Nriagu

Digital nomad. An avid learner, passionate about emerging technologies. Focused on building for the next billion web3 users on AKASHA ❤

Wassim Bendella

Traveler and writer. Passionate about strategy and emerging tech. Focused on growing Ethereum World into a vibrant, self-organizing community.

Basma Alghanim

A curious soul. Passionate about making the digital world a better place by creating user-centred experiences. Part of AKASHA's design team.

When others ask “Why bother?” we answer, “Why not?!”

We are exploring the applications and implications of blockchain technology in the search for solutions that can transform the Web into an ecosystem in service of humanity.

Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. He cofounded Bitcoin Magazine in September 2011 and wrote the Ethereum white paper in November 2013. He now leads Ethereum’s research team, working on Ethereum 2.0.

Juan Benet


Juan is the founder of Protocol Labs, a research, development, and deployment company. He created IPFS, a decentralized web protocol, and Filecoin, a decentralized storage network. He is obsessed with knowledge, science, and technology.

Interested in joining the team?

As part of our team you will work with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain tech space on unique and challenging ideas. You will also be in direct contact with the development and user community at large, actively participating in open discussions and brainstorming sessions.

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